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 On April 26, One LA leaders met with Mayor Eric Garcetti.  The purpose of this meeting was to announce
 his signing of the Do Not Stand Idly By pledge and to discuss immigration and deportation issues in the
 context of public safety. 

 We had a conversation about the fears in our community and how the work we are doing coincides with the work of the 
 Mayor's office.  They are doing outreach to the immigrant population, holding Know Your Rights workshops and 
 legal clinics, and using libraries and other public facilities to work with green card holders regarding becoming a ctiizen.  
 It was agreed that we would work with Linda Lopez from the Mayor's Office on this to coordinate our efforts, especially 
 regarding becoming a citizen.  It was agreed that we would work with Linda Lopez from the Mayor's Office on this to 
 coordinate our efforts, especially regarding citizenship. 

 We also discussed the topic of human trafficking. The Mayor is well-versed on this subject, and it is an issue that he and his 
 wife are personally committed to addressing.  He recommended that we work with the LAPD on this issue. Following the
meeting, Brian Buchner (also from the Mayor's Office) reached out to One LA leader Sheila Thomas to ensure that a 
representative would be present at last month's Civic Academy in South LA.

Homelessness in our schools is clearly an issue close to the Mayor and is one of his top priorities. He is pushing a measure in the
City Council for a “linkage fee” that developers will pay in order to build low-income housing. He would like One LA to talk to our
city council members about supporting this idea. 

Haddon Avenue Elementary School Principal Richard Ramos met with Lisa Salazar from the Mayor's Office after the meeting and
will follow up with her regarding the homelessness issues his school is facing. We will also meet again with Lisa Salazar to discuss
workforce development strategies, an issue One LA has been championing for a long time.

–Skip Koenig


The commercial sexual exploitation of children and youth has become an epidemic in
Los Angeles County. Los Angeles has been identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation
(FBI) as one of the 13 highest intensity hubs for this victimization. Specifically, in
South Los Angeles, the vicinity surrounding St. Brigid Catholic Church and Holy Name
of Jesus Catholic Church, there is a high presence of human sexual trafficking.

One LA is partnering with St. Brigid and Holy Name of Jesus, along with our community
and institutional partners, to confront the sexual exploitation of children and youth prevalent in
South Los Angeles. In May, St. Brigid and Holy Name of Jesus hosted a Human Sex Trafficking
Civic Academy. A panel (comprised of experts from the Los Angeles County Department of
Mental Health, District Attorney’s Office, Bureau of Victim Services, LAPD Human Trafficking
Division, and Human Trafficking Advocate from Family Against Human Trafficking) discussed the issue at hand.
In attendance were members of various clergies, parishioners, community and institutional partners, and representatives from the
Office of Mayor Garcetti.

Our goal is to positively impact the lives of the vulnerable and exploited children and youth
in South Los Angeles. This will be implemented through the following:
            • Strategic planning;
            • Education;
            • Increased community awareness of available resources and services;
            • Continued community engagement; and
            • Collaboration with the faith-based community, community leaders, and
              institutional partners.
–Carolyn Winston


On June 5, a group of 20 parents, Principal Maria Awakian of San Fernando Elementary School, and One LA’s education team
went to the San Fernando City Council to share the extraordinary pressures on families to find safe, affordable housing in the city.

Three parents shared their stories and spoke in front of the council for the very first time. One out of eight children in schools in
this area experience some degree of homelessness, and parents shared the difficulties children face in staying awake in class,
disruptions from frequent moving, and other pressures due to a lack of safe and affordable housing.

The council was divided in their vision for implementing the state’s new policies regulating granny flats (often the only housing
parents can find). The city of San Fernando also has a moratorium on building new housing that will be in effect until 2018.
Leaders asked council members to meet with them in order to be included in this important conversation – recognizing that
housing is a complicated issue and knowing that they will need to work with council members to come up with positive solutions.

The parent leaders who spoke on behalf of the group— Marina, Esmeralda, and Raul— were nervous but very energized after they spoke.
The Mayor had extended the parents an invitation to speak, and they were well-regarded by the entire council. Two council members
specifically recognized the parents and their eagerness to meet with One LA. Many parents stayed for the entire council meeting,
waiting to see how the council would vote on implementing the granny flats regulations. The council voted to delay the decision,
partly in order to receive more input from the community.

The parents demonstrated courage and decorum in a council meeting, as well as elevated the discourse on housing. They are
eager to keep going! 
–Surya Kalra


One LA's education committee also conducted a number of research actions
with LAUSD. In March, a delegation of parents, teachers, administrators, and community members
met with Superintendent Michelle King. The schools in Pacoima and South Los Angeles shared their successes
and their challenges. They focused their discussion on the issue of providing services for “newcomers,” who are
students that have recently come to the United States and differ in age, educational experiences, and emotional
needs. The schools requested that the Superintendent assist with gathering together a consortium of schools that
face these same challenges so that teachers and administrators can think together about best practices. Ms.
King agreed.

In April, we held research actions with the candidates for School Board District 4, Nick Melvoin and Steve Zimmer,
the incumbent and School Board President. We felt it was important to continue our relationship with Mr. Zimmer
and begin one with Mr. Melvoin so that whoever won would be aware of our interests. We had concerns about
the amount of money funneled into a school board election and will continue to explore the donors and reasons for
the money. During our conversation with Mr. Zimmer and one of his campaign staff, we became aware of groups
working on a revision of Proposition 13 for school funding. We are now pursuing this issue.

–Nancy Goldstone


One LA and the members of the Boyle Heights – Building Health Communities collaborative met with Dr. Mitch Katz
on May 17. It was a productive meeting that discussed next steps and commitments to move our partnership

The conversation addressed the barriers to mental health services for My Health LA participants and how we
might make these services more accessible to patients. Dr. Katz encouraged One LA to continue to enroll people
in this program, and he is open to considering new centers for off-site enrollment.

Through our work with My Health LA enrollments and the experience of enrollees in their first medical visits,
we have identified some gaps in the services. Acknowledging these gaps, Dr. Katz has agreed to meet with
personnel from Neighborhood Legal Services and clinics to address them. 

He has also agreed to come to a future BH-BHC event and to a One LA Civic Academy on the current issues
in health care policy such as Universal Care and the Single Payer legislation.

Dr. Katz will join us at the Delegate’s Assembly on Sunday, July 16. This will be a time to recognize our
partnership and acknowledge the work we do together.
–Diane Vanette


Saturday, June 24 & Sunday, June 25, 2017
Don Bosco Catholic High School
1151 San Gabriel Blvd.
Rosemead, CA 91770

This training will be offered in both English and Spanish. New and veteran leaders of One LA are encouraged to attend to learn the habits and practices of organizing.

For more information and to register, contact the One LA office at 213-743-0005. 


Sunday, July 16
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM
St. Thomas the Apostle School
2632 W. 15th St. 
Los Angeles, CA 90006


Wednesday, July 5, 2017
One LA Office
515 W 27th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90007


Wednesday, July 12, 2017
St. Thomas the Apostle School
2632 W. 15th St. 
Los Angeles, CA 90006


For more information, visit our website at

To contribute content to the One LA Newsletter, please contact
Diane Vanette at

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(free parking on the corner of Flower and W. 27th)
Take the train!
Our office is a 5-minute walk from the Expro Line’s LATTC/Ortho Institute Line.


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Past Newsletters:

 March 2016


"Que Dios te bendiga y esté contigo siempre." 

*God bless you and be with you always.*

That was my mom's blessing 22 and a half years ago. Since my first day in this country, I knew the journey would not be easy.
I came to the U.S. with a single wish: to have a better life and help my family. Like so many others, I left everything behind:
my family, my house, my friends, my land. Being in a different country, having a different culture, different language,
different EVERYTHING wasn't easy for sure. But like every immigrant with big dreams, I started to learn. To move around.
To work hard (sometimes holding two different jobs), long hours with little time to rest. However, everything is worth it
when you're fulfilling your dreams. I came to succeed, and over the years, I was growing, achieving my dream. It wasn't only for
my loved ones anymore, but it was also for my community.

Going to church every Sunday wasn't enough. Little by little, I started to get more involved with the issues
that my brothers and sisters were facing. I was just like them – once alone in this wonderful country –
but people were kind enough to support me. It was now my turn to give back some of the love that I received.
Together, we faced the lack of health services, foreclosures, the great opportunity to have a driver's license, fight for
better jobs and housing, and improve the process of becoming a citizen. Now, many of us are facing the fear and
anxiety of being caught anywhere, any place, and at any given time for no reason and face deportation for
the only crime we committed: being in this country without documentation that says "LEGAL ALIEN" or "LAWFUL LEGAL RESIDENT."

Lately, it hasn't been easy to go outside of our homes, to go to our jobs, or go to our church or temple, because
there's a possibility that we will never be able to see our children or family again. It's becoming a struggle every day.
We are good people who came to this country leaving everything behind just to have a better life. We just want to be citizens of this
community, city, and country. Peace to all, and may God be with us forever!

– Anonymous, One LA Leader



One LA is in the forefront of providing community outreach and education to immigrant communities targeted by new presidential
executive orders. We have held over 15 "Know Your Rights" forums throughout Los Angeles Count
since January 2017, reaching more than 1,000 LA County residents. Through Neighborhood Legal Services Los Angeles (NLSLA), a One LA
institutional member,  One LA leaders and LA County residents have been educated on the implications of recent presidential executive orders.
These orders address the enforcement of immigration regulations, as well as the Muslim and Refugee Travel Ban. "Train the Trainer" seminars
have also been held to inform leaders of the civil rights and due process rights to which all U.S. residents are entitled, regardless of immigration
status. These trainings leverage the skills and talents of One LA leaders to further educate more LA County residents.

One LA has formed an Immigration Strategy Team. This group is crafting a vision/action plan and will meet with LA County and state-elected
leaders. These decision-makers will ensure that all families, including blended immigrant families – those with US citizens and unauthorized
immigrants – are protected and treated fairly. This task force will also challenge unconstitutional orders and implementation practices by the
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and other law enforcement agencies.

–Yvonne Mariajimenez

On Saturday, March 11, One LA's Mara Cohen was one of 2,000+ people to host an event called
"People Power," sponsored by the ACLU.

According to the ACLU, “Immigration will be the first battle we wage, but many others are coming.
On immigration, just like activists organized locally to demand the release of people detained at
our airports by federal authorities. 'People Power' activists will organize in our communities to ensure
that our local law enforcement officials defend – not threaten –
our friends, families, and neighbors.”

“I posted my event on the ACLU’s 'People Power' website, expecting maybe five people to sign up to
attend. I ended up with 45 people, mostly strangers. I was completely overwhelmed
by the energy and enthusiasm to resist President Trump’s dangerous agenda.”

Mara’s attendees agreed to meet with local officials. Sister Judy Donovan attended Mara’s gathering and briefed the group on One LA’s
organizing efforts in support of immigrant families.
Attendees agreed to reconvene on April 15 to plan more local actions, so stay tuned!

–Mara Cohen, Friend of One LA

On March 7, One LA leaders celebrated another election victory for the most vulnerable in Los Angeles County. Together, with a coalition
of other organizations and with the support of County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, leaders worked to pass Measure H— a quarter cent
sales tax to fund critical services for homeless populations as well as money to prevent further homelessness for those at risk.

Following our successful efforts to pass Measure HHH in November, which was a county-wide ballot measure to fund the construction of
housing for the homeless, One LA leaders rallied again to support Measure H this month. Expecting turnout to be low, leaders held civic
academies and information sessions in their congregations to encourage their members to get out the vote.

On March 6, the day before the election, a group of One LA leaders joined Rabbi Dara Frimmer of Temple Isaiah and Fr. Arturo Corral of
La Placita, who gave moral authority to the measure at a press conference.
They were flanked by Mayor Eric Garcetti and Supervisors Mark Ridley Thomas and Sheila Kuehl. The measure passed by a mere 2%,
or approximately 16,000 votes, driving home the message to One LA leaders that all politics is
local, and every vote counts.

–Surya Kalra, One LA Organizer



To kick off the new year, a dozen or more One-LA leaders attended a two-day seminar with Dr. Danielle Allen, focused on her book Our Declaration:
A Reading of the Declaration of Independence in the Defense of Equality. 

Her marvelous book highlights equality as intertwined and interdependent with freedom. Members of our sister IAF organizations from Northern
California, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Nevada, and abroad, joined with us and
spoke about the inspiring victories of their organizations.

We emerged with a renewed understanding of the importance of our work building democratic institutions and taking action locally. 
The Declaration of Independencecame alive and gives us hope and determination to be agents of change. It was an opportunity to engage
with an amazingly thoughtful and provocative thinker. We were very grateful to have had this opportunity to learn, think, and reflect. It was a unique
way to start the new year.

– Jane Hirsch and Paula Pearlman


One-LA celebrated the passage of Measure M in Los Angeles County. Our team led a four-year campaign, with
Mayor Eric Garcetti, the MTA, and allies to shape and pass Measure M. $120 billion was raised
for new rail lines, improved bus services, and street/highway projects. This will create hundreds of thousands
of jobs and make travel easier for people across the greater LA County.

We led one of the largest county-wide, grassroots "Get Out the Vote" Campaigns this election season. A coalition of 25
religious congregations, schools, and non-profit organizations came together to reach tens of thousands of families through
sermons, pulpit and bulletin announcements, phone banking, and door-to-door canvassing to spread
awareness. These efforts targeted predominantly low-voter turnout precincts.

In December, Dr. Mitch Katz, Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Health, celebrated the enrollment of 146,000
individuals in MyHealthLA before a packed house of 200 health care leaders. One-LA leaders assisted in this effort by
contributing 8,000 enrollments, and Dr. Katz agreed to authorize funding to expand enrollments to reach an additional 54,000 residents

December 2016


On December 15, 15 One-LA leaders from San Fernando public schools, Neighborhood Legal Services, and Mary Immaculate Parish
testified before the LA City Planning Commission to urge an easing of restrictions on garage apartments (also known as "granny flats").
The Commission voted unanimously in favor of the ordinance.

On December 10, in collaboration with the Mayor's office, another Breaking Barriers event was held in South LA at Holy Name of Jesus Church. 
Legal services were provided based on the provisions of Prop 47 for criminal record clearing and traffic ticket amnesty. Event attendees were
also given the opportunity to enroll in healthcare via Medi-Cal, Covered CA, & the county health programs for undocumented adults.


We're pleased to share that Surya Kalra has officially joined our One-LA organizing staff. She joins our team from San Antonio,
where she led their efforts. Welcome Surya!


We will take our reflections and understanding of the importance of our work and determination to be agents of change to a Leaders’ Retreat on January 29, 2017.
Leaders from One-LA member institutions will come together to deepen our relationships and plan action for 2017.The mid-term elections are on March 7, and
we are preparing for another "Get Out the Vote" effort around Measure H. With the passing of Measure HHH, housing is being constructed for the homeless.
The money from Measure H will provide services for the
homeless on-site of these newly constructed buildings.

In addition, Mayor Garcetti is running for re-election, and there are several important School Board races at stake. We are planning research actions with
candidates and the Mayor – dates to be determined.

To help take action, join us at the One-LA Leaders' Retreat on Sunday, January 29.

Sunday, January 29
2 PM – 6 PM
Location: St. John's Well Child & Family Clinic
808 W. 58th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90037








One LA has been hard at work conducting a county-wide “Get out the Vote” campaign for Tuesday’s election. From Pacoima, San Gabriel, Compton,
South LA, and the Westside, One LA leaders have been holding Civic Academies, “Get out the Vote” events, and registration and education drives before and
after services and at festivals. One LA has endorsed the following five ballot propositions and measures, and we are encouraging our members to vote
“Yes” come Tuesday.
Los Angeles City Measure HHH: Homelessness Reduction and Prevention
This measure would allow for the construction of 8,000-10,000 units of safe, clean affordable housing for the homeless.
Los Angeles County Measure M: Expands Public Transportation in LA County
We believe that this will also provide opportunities for new jobs and affordable housing development around these new lines of transportation.
California State Proposition 55: Tax Extension to Fund Education & Healthcare
This will extend by twelve years the temporary personal income tax increases enacted in 2012 with no new tax. It will increase state revenues annually
from 2019 to 2030 for use in K-12 schools and California Community Colleges.
California State Proposition 57: Criminal Sentences   This allows parole consideration for persons convicted of a nonviolent felony, upon completion of
full prison term for a primary offense. This will also save the state approximately tens of millions of dollars, primarily due to a reduction in the prison
California State Proposition 62: Repeal of the Death Penalty   Repeals death penalty as maximum punishment for persons found guilty of murder and
replaces it with life imprisonment without possibility of parole. This is estimated to reduce costs around $150 million annually within a few years. This
allows parole consideration for persons convicted of a nonviolent felony, upon completion of full prison term for a primary offense. This will also save
the state approximately tens of millions of dollars, primarily due to a reduction in the prison population.

For more information on the work that One LA has done over the past few months, click here.


At the One LA Leaders Meeting on October 5, we unanimously agreed to support Prop HHH, and each institution
pledged to build our broad-based organization with financial commitments, leadership development, institutional
collaboration, and recruitment. Questions continued to arise regarding the effects that Measure M will have on the
Leimart-Crenshaw Line. A representative from the Measure M Committee stated that ongoing discussions are underway
and invited all interested leaders to join. Each institution shared their plans for their "Civic Academies" in conjunction
with “Get out the Vote” activities, and many agreed to collaborate.Holy Name of Jesus's One LA Team kicked off their Civic Academy and
"Get out the Vote" party with their Youth Ministry Choir leading the congregation in patriotic songs, followed by several voter registration and education
events held after Mass.

On October 16, Holy Name's One LA Team collaborated with Community Coalition and held a "Vote the Ballot” event to educate the community on all
propositions and measures currently on the ballot. The results were very positive, because many felt that this year’s 219-page ballot book was very
difficult to read.

We will continue to inform our congregation with bulletin and pulpit announcements pertaining to the election, and we will be hosting an
"Election Results Viewing" party on November 8, from 6 – 8:30 PM at Holy Name of Jesus Church Hall.

–Sheila Thomas, Holy Name of Jesus Church

This year, One LA has deepened its work in the area of education by adding four new "Alliance Schools." These four elementary schools, all located in the
Northeast San Fernando Valley, join Augustus Hawkins High School and Academia Avance as One LA school-based member institutions. These new
schools include Haddon Avenue Elementary School, San Fernando Elementary School, Sara Coughlin Elementary School, and Roscoe Elementary School.

One LA leaders and organizers have held individual and house meetings at all four schools, conducted a half-day training retreat for parents and staff,
and are developing a joint plan of action with these schools as well as other member institutions in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. One of the
primary issues that has surfaced is "economic homelessness" among families within these schools. Because of high rental prices and lack of affordable
housing, families are forced to live with other families or in garage apartments that are not up to city code. The One LA San Fernando Valley cluster will
be working to address this and other issues in the coming year.

–Doug Greco, Organizer One LA


Temple Isaiah hosted their ballot party Civic Academy on September 21. 60 individuals from Temple Isaiah and
other One LA member institutions were presented with information concerning the five One LA-endorsed
propositions and measures on the November ballot. Janet Hirsch and Debra Silverman chaired the event and
led the lively discussion.

Members from the Westside joined St. Brigid Catholic Church in canvassing to "Get out the Vote" in
South Los Angeles on October 23.

"Personally, this walk was very meaningful. The tone of this election has left me feeling distraught and powerless. Knocking on doors and finding people
with a desire to discuss the propositions and vote uplifted me. Being proactive and engaging the community in conversation was the antidote."
–Nancy Goldstone

You can join St. Bridgid on Sunday, November 6 at 12:30 PM to experience this for yourself as they continue to walk the precinct.

 –Nancy Goldstone, Temple Beth Am

At a Civic Academy held by One LA core leaders at San Gabriel Mission, members of the parish came together to discuss
key propositions supported by San Gabriel Mission and One LA. With such a large number of propositions and
initiatives on the ballot, parishioners came out to share their opinions and voice their concerns on issues such as
repealing the death sentence, Proposition 62's proposed limits on pharmaceuticals, and how and where to vote.
Core team leaders took the opportunity to conduct small house meetings and members of the parish were grateful that
their issues and concerns were being heard.A representative from Move LA, an advocacy group in support of Measure M, was also in attendance.
They discussed the benefits of passing this important measure, key facts about where the money will go, and how it can be spent. Measure M is very
important to San Gabriel's core team members, since research is being conducted on how those funds can be used to improve transportation problems
within the City of San Gabriel. If Measure M is passed successfully, San Gabriel Mission's core team plans to explore the idea of adding more buses to an
already exhausted Dial-A-Ride program, or perhaps a bus service that can service the residents, especially the elderly, of San Gabriel.

–Terri Huerta, San Gabriel Mission


  • One LA leaders have been conducting voter education “Civic Academies” at congregations including Temple Isaiah, Our Lady of Victory in
    Compton, San Gabriel Mission, Mary Immaculate Catholic Church, and St. Agnes Catholic Church.
  • On Sunday October 23, 30 leaders from St. Brigid Catholic Church and other Southside and Westside member institutions flooded precinct 900
    conducting door to door voter registration and educating the community on ballot propositions.
  • On the weekend of October 22 & 23, 51 One LA leaders conducted non-partisan voter registration and education events attended by over 15,000
    people, had over 600 individual conversations, and registered over 100 voters.
  • Our Lady of Victory in Compton hosted a "Get out the Vote" Civic Academy on Thursday, October 27, with close to 100 people in attendance,
    including many young adults. After hearing presentations from parish leaders and special presenters such as Andy Rivas from the Archdiocese of
    Los Angeles and Jerard Wright of Move LA, participants broke into small groups and shared stories about issues on the ballot. As a result, over
    15 people joined Our Lady of Victory’s social justice team!
  • Leo Baeck Temple was on the move in support of Measure M and Prop 57 with a "Get out the Vote" walk on Sunday, October 30 in Westwood,
    knocking on doors in the rain to get word out about these propositions.
  • Leaders at Mary Immaculate Parish in Pacoima distributed 1,000 flyers after eight different Masses to ensure that important voter information on
    Measures M and HHH and Propositions 55, 62, and 57 made it into the hands of congregants. During services, over 5,000 parishioners heard
    about the importance of their vote from their pulpit.
–Doug Greco, Organizer with One LA

Doug Greco has returned to organizing, and he has hit the ground running. We are so thrilled to have him as a vital member of our team.
Tené Harris
 has joined One LA's team to help out with the "Get out the Vote" initiative over these crucial last few weeks.
We are so fortunate to have her help with this final leg of the race.

We're also pleased to welcome Surya Kalra to our One LA organizing staff. She joins our team from San Antonio, where she led their efforts, and she
begins on December 1.

For more information, visit our website at

To contribute content to the One LA Newsletter, please contact
Diane Vanette at

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Newsletter August 2016



On Wednesday July 6, One LA held a dynamic and interactive Leaders’ Meeting at St. Brigid Catholic Church in South Los Angeles. Rabbi Dara Frimmer, of Temple Isaiah, and Peggy Goods from St. Brigid Catholic Church, co-chaired the meeting. 70 One LA leaders and allies took part. At the meeting, Mario Chavez of St. John’s Clinic and Robert Williams, a St. Brigid leader, presented a Power Analysis and situational audit of the South Los Angeles communities.Leaders from over 20 institutions ratified an action plan that includes non-partisan voter education and voter registration for the upcoming November election, recruitment of new member institutions, and raising additional "hard money" from dues and an investment campaign. Peggy Goods, who originally hails from Baton Rouge, presented a powerful testimony about how in the face of deep racism and divisions, institutions there were able to bring about significant change by building Together Baton Rouge, IAF’s organization there. Additionally, leaders set Sunday, July 31, as a training date to plan for the launch of their non-partisan work on the fall elections.

A date was set for a One LA-IAF Delegates’ Assembly that will be held from 3 – 5 PM (location to be determined) on September 18, 2016. We are planning for a turnout of 300 delegates from our institutions. At our regular Leaders’ Meeting onSeptember 7, 2016 (from 7 – 8:30 PM) we will prepare for this assembly (location to be determined).

–Peggy Goods

Under a new law, SB75, children under 19 years of age are now eligible for full-scope Medi-Cal benefits regardless of immigration status, as long as they meet all other eligibility requirements (Welfare and Institutions Code section 14007.8).

On May 4th, over 65 leaders came together and made a commitment to hold eight Health Care Enrollment Events to connect families to Health Care. One LA is leading a training to teach our members how to screen for all health programs and how to create a successful event. Leaders from St. Anthony's Church in the San Gabriel Valley have been trained and have scheduled a kickoff enrollment event for August 28, 2016, where clinics will be enrolling kids and adults into Medi-Cal, Covered CA, and My Health LA (the county's Health Care program for undocumented immigrants).

One LA leaders continue to meet with Dr. Mitch Katz, Director of the Department of Health Services for LA County, to push policy to increase funding and to provide more off-site enrollment opportunities and mental health services for My Health LA.

See “Upcoming Events” below for more enrollment locations and dates.

–Edward Chavez


Following nearly four years of intense effort by many One LA members, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) voted 11-2 on June 23 to place Measure M on the November ballot.

Measure M reflects One LA’s strongly-stated priorities to:

  1. expand transit along the 405 Corridor and throughout the county;
  2. ensure maximal local hiring from areas of high unemployment in jobs that lead to meaningful careers; and
  3. minimize displacement of established communities and maximize construction of affordable housing along new transit routes.

The Measure can only succeed (and make our region more green, more connected, more livable, and more just) if it receives the support of at least 2/3 of the voters in November. As a result, it is a crucial part of One LA’s effort to educate and turn out voters from around Los Angeles, which began with the July 31 training session and will continue through the election. If the measure passes, we will all have the opportunity to affect how tens of millions of dollars are spent by our cities via the “Councils of Government” into which the entire county is divided. In addition, it is important to note that even a “win” in November will not put an end to our efforts, because we have a commitment from MTA CEO Phil Washington to meet with us regularly starting in December to ensure the MTA meets our affordable housing/no displacement goals.

Congratulations to all who have worked on this campaign and on to November!

–Eric Stockel


The Alliance Communities model of One LA education organizing means:

  1. looking for stakeholders within and around public schools and
  2. building a constituency which can strengthen neighborhoods and schools to remove any barriers that would prevent our kids, especially the most vulnerable, from succeeding.
That’s an Alliance Community! In addition to gearing up for a new school year with the staff of the Augustus Hawkins High School in South LA, One LA leaders and organizers have been meeting with LAUSD School Board Members and our new Superintendent, Michelle King. These meetings focus on a shared vision for education, and several principals in the Eastern San Fernando Valley are interested in building the Alliance Communities in their areas. Education leaders underwent an intensive training on Proposition 55, so that they can lead One LA’s voter education and GOTV efforts on this initiative.
–Janet Hirsch

As a follow-up to a Spring Educational Seminar on Elder Care and California's Estate Recovery Bill, San Gabriel Mission will partner with the Los Angeles County's Wise & Healthy Aging Office to offer a free educational seminar on August 20th, 2016. Many of the attendees from our previous seminar brought valid issues to light as they pertain to elder care, in-home health services, and other areas of aid.There is much discussion surrounding resources available to caregivers of those individuals either aging in place or living with a sibling, child, or relative. A common question asked is, "Where can a caregiver go to find training on how to care for an aging loved one?" With the high cost of assisted living and costs surrounding long-term health care, many people are looking to county and government health services to find resources and solutions to their needs.

We invite all of our ONE LA friends to attend our Elder Care Event on Saturday, August 20th, 2016 from 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM.

For more information, contact Terri Huerta at, or at(626) 485-6948.

–Terri Huerta


Saturday, August 20
3:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Location TBD
For more information, contact Terri Huerta at terrih@sangabrielmission.orgHEALTH CARE ENROLLMENT EVENT
Sunday, August 28
Location and Time TBD
For more information, contact Edward Chavez at edward.chavez@hotmail.comONE LA LEADERS' MEETING
Wednesday, September 7
7 PM – 8:30 PM
Location TBD
Rehearsal for Delegates' Assembly DELEGATES' ASSEMBLY
Sunday, September 18
3 PM – 5 PM
Tuesday, November 8


9 AM – 2 PM
(Langston Bar Association, Mexican American Bar Association, Public Defender)Saturday, September 10
9 AM – 2 PM
(Communities in Schools, Public Defender)Saturday, October 1
9 AM – 2 PM
(Langston Bar Association, Mexican American Bar Association, Public Defender)Thursday, October 6
5 PM – 8 PM
First A.M.E. Church
South Los Angeles




On April 10 a One LA action was held at Leo Baeck Temple with invited guest Mr. Phil Washington, the new CEO of the MTA. Representatives from One LA institutions across the county of Los Angeles heard how the history of “Transforming Public Transportation in LA County” became One LA’s "Transit-Jobs-Housing" agenda. The team of leaders from Leo Baeck has worked diligently for several years now, and along with South LA and Mary Immaculate Church lead a successful action! A draft ballot measure is being proposed for approval by the MTA Board, and One LA wants the 405 Corridor Project included, breaking ground next year or in 2018. This will maximize local hiring for jobs, prevent the displacement of families, and include affordable housing.

Mr. Washington listened to our stories and responded. He agreed to meet with One LA regularly to ensure new Metro projects do not displace established communities and include affordable housing along transit lines. The first meeting will be held in the next few months. He also agreed that Metro would have two additional public meetings: one in the North Valley (taking place on May 16 at Cal State Northridge), and one in South LA (location and time TBA). The draft plan will be discussed at both of these meetings.


What is the fiscal state of public education in Los Angeles?
We need Prop 30. This ballot measure will keep the money currently going to the Education Protection Account from expiring this year. The sales tax increase generated funds used for schools and public safety programs. One LA's Education Strategy Team wants to find out how much money LAUSD has received in Prop 30 funds and how it has been spent. We will lead a “Get out the Vote” Campaign in support of the School Funding and Budget Stability Act (2016), which extends the income tax rates created by Prop 30. This measure will also free up General Fund money and would allow for increased investments in higher education, health care, and infrastructure.NEXT STEPS:
We are choosing a specific neighborhood school to showcase as an example of how the money has improved the life of both the school and its students. We will lead a civic academy where we will teach parents, teachers, and citizens about using these funds to improve programs at their schools.We also continue to build on the relationships we have with the LAUSD School Board Members and Michelle King, the Superintendent of Schools.UPCOMING EVENTS:
Leaders Training Meeting
Wednesday, August 3
This meeting will be dedicated to these public education issues.
"Get out the Vote" Day
Wednesday, September 7
For more information, contact Janet Hirsch at



One LA has been working hard on efforts to restore justice through Prop 47 education events and employment training with the hope of advancing a community-based initiative. Students from Augustus Hawkins High School will be walking the neighborhoods onThursday, May 26, engaging their community in conversations about Prop 47 and the “systems'” impact on people’s lives. Neighborhood Legal Services and trained One LA volunteers will provide legal expertise at this event.A large and very enthusiastic group of young people from Augustus Hawkins High School was in attendance at our Leaders Training on May 5. The event on May 26will be in the library at Augustus Hawkins School from 4 to 7:30 PM. A planning meeting for this event will take place on Thursday, May 12 at 3:30 PM.

There is also a leaders training on Breaking the Barriers being held Sunday, June 12. More details to come.

Building a Pipeline to Jobs and Employment
Wednesday, May 11
 from 10 AM to 12 PM
One LA and the Urban League will enroll job seekers in employment and training programs at St. Brigid Parish
For more information, contact Robert P. Williams at


With President Obama announcing his renewed push to curb gun violence, One LA is exploring our capacity and a strategy to join in the fight against gun violence and violence in our neighborhoods. The stories we are hearing from our members in certain areas of Los Angeles are heartbreaking. Relationships between communities and our Police Department are in need of repair.

Our sister organization, Metro IAF, started in 2013 a national campaign called "Do Not Stand Idly By." They have been working with mayors, law enforcement, and other public leaders from 85 municipalities, counties, and states across the U.S. pushing for greater commitment to safety in the gun industry. The vision of this campaign has been that organized demand in the public sector can create new market pressures that the gun industry must respond to and that modest changes in the gun industry can prevent gun deaths in our communities. We can put pressure on the bad-apple gun dealers in our areas that supply a disproportionate number of the guns that are used in crimes. We can ask our Mayor and Police Chief to make modest changes in their gun procurement.

We are asking for a meeting with Mayor Garcetti.
We are proposing that a date be chosen (TBA) to gather a team of leaders to continue formalizing our strategy.
For more information, contact Diane Vanette at

Gun Violence Awareness Day 
Thursday, June 2
Everyone is asked to wear ORANGE!


One LA leaders continue to be in the forefront in advocating healthcare for all. Through enrollment events primarily held at their faith-based institutions, One LA leaders have enrolled thousands of individuals into public and private health programs, including Medi-Cal, My Health LA, the county’s health program for undocumented residents, and Covered California. Two sets of One LA leaders, one driving the health enrollment efforts and the other leading criminal record clearing efforts, are collaborating with one another to ensure citizens of LA County are educated on and have access to benefits provided by these programs.Working with Dr. Mitch Katz, Chief Medical Officer and Director of LA County’s Department of Health Services, One LA has obtained permission to hold community health enrollment events in partnership with community health care clinics, which is not the norm or current practice. One LA leaders work to bring about permanent enrollment policies that allow county residents to enroll into health care programs at ANY location or given moment in time. Increased funding to My Health LA and structural changes to both Medi-Cal and My Health LA have made the programs more efficient and effective. This advocacy work was undertaken by One LA leaders.

Healthcare Enrollment Training
Wednesday, June 1
Location and time TBA
For more information, contact Edward Chavez at


On April 22, the San Gabriel Mission and St. Anthony’s Church held a training/information event that was attended by over 90 people. There are many issues related to elder care, among them are elder scams and long-term care options. The one that peaked the most interest this evening was around the State of California’s Estate Recovery Bill changes and rules. Many of the attendees are over 55 and own homes. How does the State Estate Recovery Bill (SB33) affect their loved ones and themselves? Representatives from California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR) and Neighborhood Legal Services (NLS) were at this event to help lead the discussion.

The existing federal law requires that the state seek adjustment from an individual’s estate if the person received medical assistance under the state Medicaid plan. There are changes being made to the existing rules, and One LA is actively researching these changes to assure that the needs of the community are met and families understand the impact.

There will be a follow-up meeting on Wednesday, May 25 to continue exploring how to do the research in order to move forward with a plan.

For more information, contact Ortencia Ramirez at

The Agitator March-April 2016


We are excited to announce the arrival of our new lead organizer, Sister Judy Donovan.

She started her position on January 11 and hit the ground running. Judy has been organizing with the IAF for 20 years. She started organizing in Texas and then moved to LA in 2002 to be part of the team that helped found OneLA. Ten years ago she moved north where she helped expand IAF projects from the Sacramento region, to the SF Bay Area, and into Silicon Valley.

For the last several years Judy has been supervising and/or providing training to support a variety of IAF projects across the West, as well as IAF-inspired organizing projects in the UK. Judy is a Roman Catholic Sister of St. Joseph of Lyon. She has BAs in Psychology and Philosophy, lived and worked in Brazil for 8 years, then returned to the US to earn a Masters Degree of Social Work in Public Policy before she encountered the IAF. She was born in CA but raised in Maine, where her family and religious community are rooted today.

For more information about OneLA activities, please contact Diane Vanette at



The South Los Angeles Cluster is assisting our community members by providing clinics with emphasis on: Proposition 47/ Restorative Justice, Employment, Healthcare, and Human Trafficking.On March 5, from 1 – 3:30 PM at St. Brigid Church, we are hosting a panel discussion on the “Inequalities in the Criminal Justice System.” Our special guests will be Rose Cahn, Esq and Dr. Glenn Lourywho is the Merton P. Stoltz Professor of Social Sciences and Professor of Economics at Brown University. Dr. Loury is currently at Stanford for this academic year, and he is the author of The Anatomy of Racial Inequity and Race, Incarceration, and American Value.

On March 6, from 2 – 5 PM at Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, Dr. Glenn Loury will be the guest again for this important workshop on “Inequalities in the Criminal Justice System.”

–Robert Williams / St. Brigid

HIGHER EDUCATION The team at Temple Judea continues to look at issues in our state institutions of higher education as we formulate an agenda for moving forward with action. We are also engaging in meeting with leaders from other local institutions in hopes of building relationships and working together.

–Ellen Israel / Temple Judea


The next meeting of the One LA Transit/Housing/Jobs working group will be on February 11 at 7 PM at Leo Baeck Temple.

OneLA is continuing to press forward with its Transit/Housing/Jobs agenda. Actions are being planned for upcoming MTA Board meetings on March 24 and June 23.

On March 24, the Board will consider a draft funding ballot measure and on June 23, it is expected to vote on the final measure. We are coming to the home stretch of a campaign OneLA has been working on since 2012.

We are also in the planning stages of a public action tentatively scheduled for April 10 with MTA CEO Phil Washington and another member of the MTA Board. We want to secure commitments from them to work with OneLA after passage of the ballot measure to ensure career-building, local jobs, and policies to minimize displacement, as well as to maximize the construction of affordable housing along new transit lines.

There are a wide variety of ways to engage our congregants/communities, from the MTA Board meetings in March and June, to letter/e-mail writing campaigns directed at MTA Board members leading up to the June final vote, to voter education, and voter turnout campaigns leading up to the November election.

–Eric Stockel / Leo Baeck Temple


On January 12, OneLA made a public statement at the LAUSD Board Meeting in support of the Board Member Schmerelson’s Resolution – “Excellent Public Education for Every Student.” Edward Chavez (Mary Immaculate Church), Mary Jackson (St. Brigid’s), and Janet Hirsch (Temple Isaiah) presented the statement. OneLA was the first to welcome the new Superintendent Michele King which received a huge round of applause. The statement reminded her of the collaboration she and OneLA had performed together in the past. This work was also acknowledged by five other Board Members who have met with One LA leaders over the past several months.

Another round of applause came when Edward made clear in the statement that our children were not to be referred to as “market share.” The Resolution was unanimously approved by all seven Board Members. OneLA’s presence was acknowledged as well by Alex Caputo-Pearl (UTLA). Sister Judy Donovan was present for her first Action as our New Lead Organizer.

On February 21 from 2 – 5 PM at Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, we will convene an Education Summit to train leaders and discuss issues related to the Local Control Funding Formula. The State of California gives monies for the large percentage of LAUSD students who are considered the most at-risk. School districts must create a Local Control and Accountability Plan to spend the increased money from Prop 30. We are working to educate parents and increase their involvement at their schools to ensure the money is allocated fairly and benefits each school site.

–Janet Hirsch / Temple Isaiah