One LA Statement on Murder of George Floyd

One LA-IAF joins the countless people and institutions in Los Angeles and across the country who are shocked and angered by the brutal murder of George Floyd. We are also troubled by those, especially elected officials, who refuse to address the racism and gross inequities that have been exposed and instead resort to inflammatory speeches and measures.

As a multi-faith coalition of churches, synagogues and other institutions committed to civic measures for justice, representing thousands of families, we stand with those who protest the injustices. We extend support to those doubly victimized by the COVID-19 pandemic, by racism and other forms of economic and legal inequality that blight our society. We declare our commitment to increasing our efforts to undo the damage and to create a society worthy of our religious and political traditions.

One LA-IAF will continue to organize across lines of race, class, ethnicity, religion, geography, and political perspective. We will fight to address the inequities that lead to higher death rates from COVID-19 in African-American, Latino, and Pacific Islander communities. We will fight to ensure that California supports all essential workers, including undocumented workers, so that no one gets left behind. We will continue coming together from diverse backgrounds to listen, deliberate, and organize as One LA.

We urge those who work for a just and equitable America to not allow divisive rhetoric win. We urge our members to come together to strengthen our efforts to fix the deep and deadly holes in the fabric of our society. We believe in the goodwill of the people of this city and country, and call upon all to strengthen the efforts to create the Los Angeles and the United States envisioned by our best founders and that deserve our respect.

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