One LA won a major victory with LA County that will result in the enrollment of over 15,000 people in health care services across LA County, through institutions they trust in their own communities. The victory grants One LA access to the LA County computer enrollment system. 100 leaders will form a county-wide team trained as certified application assisters (CAAs), trained to use the County computer enrollment system. Each enrollment institution will hold regular enrollment events as part of an organized, systematic effort. 250 other leaders will be trained as “local healthcare experts”, organized into teams at each enrollment institution. Each team will conduct hundreds of outreach, education and pre-screening events to teach people about their health care options and pre-screen families to ensure time is used effectively on enrollment event days. One LA has already pre-screened 293 people for health care services and enrolled 225. 15 more enrollment events are scheduled. In the coming months, One LA will also work on enrollment with Covered California, California's Health Benefits Exchange.