One LA Reaches Milestone Healthcare Enrollment of 146,000, Celebrates Expansion of Enrollment by 54,000


Before a packed audience of 200 health care leaders and Dr. Mitch Katz, Director of the LA County Department of Health,One LA celebrated the milestone enrollment of 146,000 Los Angeles residents into My Health LA, 8,000 of whom were enrolled by One LA leaders themselves at their institutions. My Health LA is a program One LA leaders compelled the County to create to cover undocumented residents and leaders ultimately secured an additional $6 million in funding and negotiated an agreement from LA County to conduct healthcare enrollment at One LA member institutions.  350 trained leaders held over 100 events to enroll the 8,000 residents.

At the celebration, Dr. Katz agreed to authorize funding to expand healthcare enrollments to reach an additional 54,000 residents!

One LA Takes on LA Traffic & WINS $120 Billion Bond


Building on a four-year campaign, One LA leaders and their allies shaped, pushed for and passed Measure M to raise $120 Billion for new rail lines, improved bus services, and street and highway projects which will create hundreds of thousands of jobs and make finding and getting to a job easier for working poor families across LA County.

Passing this bond measure required meeting a challenging two-thirds voter threshold for approval.  This extraordinary victory took a county-wide education and mobilization of non-traditional allies crossing significant geographic, racial, religious and socioeconomic lines.

In addition to building a strong and diverse coalition of support, One LA led an action at the LA County Board of Supervisors that succeeded in putting the measure on the November ballot..

Leaders subsequently educated more than 500 voters through civic academies hosted at 8 One LA member congregations strategically positioned across LA County.  Civic academies, taught by leaders, included information about LA City Measure HHH — which will fund the construction of 8,000 to 10,000 units of safe, clean affordable housing for the homeless — as well as about Propositions 55 for education funding and 57 for criminal justice reform.  75 precinct walkers targeted key swing precincts knocking on over 1,000 doors.  Leaders then followed up with more than 500 phone calls.

“This is why a broad-based organization like One LA exists: not only to build a consensus among tens of thousands of voters across a county as large as Los Angeles, but to do so through trusted institutions and deep face-to-face engagement,“ said Rabbi Ken Chasen of Leo Baeck Temple. “During the development of this measure and during GOTV, we worked to build consensus across geographic and demographic lines which historically have been difficult to bridge in our segregated county.”

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One LA Tackles Transit, Educates Voters


In efforts to ensure that Los Angeles County voters are prepared for the November election, One LA launched a massive non-partisan voter education and turnout, targeting precincts around state and local ballot initiatives.  Training has focused on developing leadership skills, building core teams, and the basics of four important ballot initiatives: LA County Measure M (transportation bond) and California State Propositions 55, 57, and 62 related to a tax extension for education & healthcare, and measures related to criminal sentencing and repeal of the death penalty.

This efforts builds on efforts begun in 2015, around the construction of transit lines and the creation of affordable housing around new transit hubs.  150 leaders of One LA member institutions assembled with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to articulate their interests.  Soon after, leaders from ten One LA institutions attended the monthly Metro Board Meeting to welcome the new Metro CEO, Philip Washington, and to present their Opportunity Agenda of jobs, housing, and transit improvements.  Measure M emerged as a result of One LA input.

[In photo, leader Debra Silverman leads a discussion around the November elections at Temple Isaiah.]

Leo Baeck Temple Fosters Passionate Support for Transit Improvements in Sepulveda Pass, Jewish Journal

Read the Agitator for more information.

Additional photos of MTA Board action.

One LA Launches 'Breaking the Barriers' Strategy


In South LA, eight member institutions of One LA assembled at St. Brigid Catholic Church to launch their ‘Breaking Barriers’ to employment strategy.  Proposition 47, which permits individuals to clear their records of non-serious offenses, has the potential to make individuals more marketable as employees if proper paperwork is submitted.  

To prepare for the strategy, 30 leaders learned how to guide applicants through the process, while another group of leaders created a resume workshop and panel discussions on restorative justice in the schools and interview best practices.

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One LA Guards Medi-Cal for Families Stuck in Backlog

One LA and member institution Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles (NLS-LA) helped turn on Medi-Cal benefits whose applicants were among the hundreds of thousands stuck in the state’s backlog.

Medi-Cal Applicants Entitled to Benefits Despite Delays, Los Angeles Times

One LA Wins $6 Million for Added Healthcare Coverage


The morning after an assembly in which hundreds of San Fernando Valley leaders of One LA leveraged commitments from District 3 candidates to ensure sufficient funding for the 'My Health LA' program, the LA County Board of Supervisors voted to invest $6 Million in additional dollars for the program.

According to Angelus:

“After thanking board of supervisors members for their commitment to support heath care for Los Angeles County’s poor, Jim Mangia, president and CEO of St. John’s Well Child and Family Center, asked the people who came with him to the May 20 public meeting 'to support health care for all' to stand up.

Hundreds upon hundreds of women and men from across the county rose — cheering, clapping, shouting and raising their hands high in the air. The grass-roots commotion went on for almost a minute.”

One LA estimates that the added funding will expand coverage by 35 to 40 thousand individuals.  This victory comes months after the organization identified millions of County dollars that could be used to cover more uninsured people, including undocumented County residents.

LA County Supervisor Rivals Sheila Kuehl Bobby Shriver Debate TonightLA Times

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One LA Urges Supervisors to Cover the UninsuredAngelus – The Tidings Online

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One LA Finds $11M in County Budget, Demands Healthcare Coverage for Remaining Uninsured


After identifying $11 million in otherwise sunsetting County funds,  One LA-IAF leaders testified to the Board of Supervisors about their year long enrollment effort and the the gaps that remain even after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act -- gaps that will have serious consequences for families throughout the county.

They demanded that the $11M be used to help cover the remaining uninsured in LA County.  After the press conference, Rabbi Dara Frimmer asserted that she was "proud to stand with OneLA leaders outside the county supervisors meeting because as of today, 1 million residents of LA remain uninsured...Time to ensure that the image of God, imprinted on the face of every human being, is lifted up."

Healthcare Advocates Push for Medical Services for Uninsured, Los Angeles Times

LA County Grapples with Healthcare for Uninsured, Los Angeles Times

Rabbis to LA County: Fund Healthcare to Undocumented, Jewish Journal

Leaders Spread Word of DACA Eligbility for Healthcare


“Diane Vanette, a volunteer with OneLA who screens people at Obamacare enrollment events, recently informed a couple with deferred-action status that they were both eligible for Medi-Cal. “He was shocked, she was shocked,” Vanette said.

This issue illustrates the complexities in expanding coverage to the state’s large uninsured Latino population. About 82% of DACA-eligible Californians are Latino, according to the report….”

[Photo Credit: Anne Cusack, LA Times]

Report: 125,000 Immigrants Given Deferred Action Eligible for Medi-Cal, Los Angeles Times

One LA Leaders Fight for Health 'Coverage For All'


Since February, One LA has enrolled over 3,000 eligible for Medicaid expansion through its mobile enrollment clinics held in local congregations. In the process, they discovered thousands of low wage taxpayers left out of Obamacare due to their immigration status.  Hundreds of One LA leaders assembled mid-October to call on veteran County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky to create and fund a County-based health coverage program for 1 million undocumented residents. The Supervisor agreed to meet with One LA within 30 days to begin discussion of the plan.

Leaders also testified to the challenges experienced when trying to enroll people on Covered California, the state based health exchange that opened October 1.  A board member and staff member of Covered California agreed to meet with One LA before the end of the year to discuss changes needed in the health exchanges outreach strategy.

Temple Judea Event Aims to Clarify Health Care Act, Jewish Journal

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One LA Wins Fight to Directly Enroll Thousands Into County Healthcare

1303-1LA-Healthcare-Enrollment-Clinics-300x180.jpgOne LA leaders fought for and won “Community Partner Status” with the LA County Department of Health Services, granting it direct access to the county enrollment system.  Now 50 leaders will train to become ‘Certified Application Assisters’, with the power to directly enroll people through the County computer system at 25 One LA mobile enrollment events at member institutions.  They will be supported 30 leaders at each institution trained as ‘healthcare experts,’ who will educate and recruit people to attend their institution’s events. The goal is to enroll thousands of eligible LA residents. 

[Excerpt from the LA Times below...]

"L.A. County is teaming with OneLA to hold enrollment events in places where those needing healthcare coverage naturally congregate, such as churches and schools....Volunteers are identifying people through the church parishes and doing pre-screening so the enrollment can occur on the spot. Some of the people are eligible for Medi-Cal, and others are being enrolled in Healthy Way LA, a temporary coverage program until the Medi-Cal expansion takes place in 2014.

The effort relies on trained volunteers, with help from Neighborhood Legal Services and the L.A. County Department of Health Services. The volunteers are also working to link people with clinics near their homes."

[Photo Credit: Ann Cusack, Los Angeles Times]

Outreach Effort Aims to Get Uninsured Enrolled in Healthcare, LA Times

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